El Cortijo Mezcal Artesenal Joven 100% Espadin

A classic in modern clothing

While El Cortijos artisanal mezcals look super chic and modern with their artistic and modern labels, the juice inside is traditional, classical and high quality. Made by Maestro Mezcalero Alvaro Hernandez using 12 year old Espadin agaves, grown in Santiago Matatlan, this mezcal should not be mistaken for a new up-and-coming brand. This is the good old stuff!

Tasting Notes

El Cortijo means “The farm” and the Espading agave is almost as common an agave variety in the mezcal world as the Blue Agave is in the world of tequila.

El Cortijo Mezcal Artesanal 100% Jove Espadin opens with soft and mellow, slightly spicy aroma. There is a richness of baked agave and some citrus and grasses. The palate is equally, almost oily in its richness of taste and complexity.


“Mezcal El Cortijo” (The Farm) makes classic, oaxacan mezcal and this espadin mezcal is no exception. It has been made using tradional artisanal methods. The agave has been harvested by the jimador using his razorsharp coa. When all the leaves have been cut off the body of the agave, “the Pinã” it is being transported to the distillery for cooking.

When you make artisanal mezcal, you cook the agave in a conical earth oven, and mill the agave in a tahona. When all the processing is done, the agave juices are fermented using wild yeast. This is basically the recipe for making mezcal, but the devil is in the detail ofcourse! You have to have many years of experience, before you understand all the intricacies in harvesting at the right time, cooking at the right temperature and milling in the proper way. Maestro Mezcalero Alvaro Hernandez understands this, and that is why this mezcal is a wonderful spirit which you will enjoy sipping with your buddies.

Additional information

TU code


Alc Volume


Agave Region

Oaxaca – Santiago Matatlan

Agave type


Bottle Size




Double Distilled

Distillery Name

Fabrica de Mezcal El Cortijo



Resting Period

6 Months in Bottle

Age Category


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