El Destilador Tequila

Tequila El Destilador

Tequila El Destilador Clásico – No nonsense tequila!

Made at “Corporativo Destileria Santa Lucia” in Tesitán, Jalisco, just outside of Guadalajara, this tequila is straight, traditional and always dependable quality. The distillery uses triple distillation, which is pretty uncommon in the tequila world. El Destilador is a moderately priced brand, but triple distillation is mostly used in more expensive brands like Patron and Casa Noble. Most brands use double distillation. Tequila El Destilador specializes in making affordable, 100% Agave tequilas at a good quality.

Brand background

El Destilador Premium TequilaCorporativo Destileria Santa Lucia was founded in 1940, so this is a company which has weathered the many strange events which the world and Mexico has experienced in the meantime. The brand El Destilador is not quite as old, going back some twenty years. Tequila El Destilador Clásico is meant for the bar and cocktail market. It is only made in Blanco and Reposado.

Overall tasting profile

Tequila El Destilador Clásico is light, slightly mineral and both the blanco and the reposado has a good baked agave flavour which is rich and fresh and will work well in any margarita.