Don Fernando Tequila

Tequila Don Fernando

Don Fernando – A 100% Mexican Gentleman

The distillery “Tequilera de la Barranca de Amatitan” is, as the name suggests, based in Amatitán, Jalisco. They produce a small range of quality spirits, where the esteemed “Don Fernando” Tequila is one of them. Don Fernando is a 100% Agave premium tequila, which comes in a beautiful, embossed tin can, with a logo in gothic script.

Brand background

There was, actually, a real Don Fernando once. Don Fernando was born in Amatitan, Jalisco in 1919. He was born into a humble family as the second born of a family of ten boys.
Through many hardships during his childhood, he eventually registered at a school to pursue a career as a sugar and alcohol Chemical Engineer. Coming to manhood at the end of the bloody, messy mexican revolutionary war he found he had to earn his living in a country already head over heels into the next war – the Cristero War. Prospects for work were dire.
Like a great many mexican then and now, he went to the US and worked as a laborer in the docks where there was work to be found. Working his way through the 30´s and 40´s he eventually left the big city and went back to Jalisco and his old profession as a chemist. Establishing a grocery store, made him enough money to invest in the tequila industry and make a brand of his own.