El Amo Tequila

El Amo Premium Tequila

Premium tequila in heavy & beautiful bottle

The distillery “Compañia Tequilera Hacienda la Capilla” has for many years kept producing products of high quality in a very competitive market. The El Amo Premium tequila is an oldfashioned tequila with a great sense of tradition.

Brand background

El Amo means “The Master” and it quite a name suiting this manly and rock solid tequila. The brand is some 15 years old, and has kept a steady quality all these years. It’s a brand and a bottle which is well suited for small bars, where one can enjoy close up, the perfect finish of the bottle.
The bottle deserves some mentioning actually, because it is very heavy and short. It has a cute little charm attached to the sisalwrapped bottle neck and the entire design gives off a solid masculine vibe.

Overall tasting profile

Tequila flavour profiles tend to fall in groups based on some dominant flavours. The El Amo Premium tequila belongs to those who favour light notes with pepper and peppermint. Using copper pot stills and good, mature agave from the Jalisco region, this distillery based in Capilla de Guadalupe, Jalisco makes a great tequila, which comes in a well designed bottle.