El Cortijo Mezcal Artesenal Joven 100% Mexicano

Fun, spicy and delicous mezcal for you and your buddies

This Mezcal El Cortijo is made on the “Agave Rhodacantha”, which is also known as the Mexicano Agave. The world of agaves is big, mysterious and labyrinthine, and new connections and supspecies are being discovered all the time. The “Agave Rhodacantha” has about 7 subspecies and telling them apart is not easy. The Mexicano mezcals are often light, hot and minty.

Tasting Notes

The aromas is loaded wit h menthol, cinnamon, dried ginger, and some salty notes. Mesquite, leather, and hints of anise on the palate. The mouthfell is thick, but still quite a bit tingly and hot.


“Mezcal El Cortijo” (The Farm) makes classic, oaxacan mezcal. The mexicano agaves are pretty common in mezcal, because they bring a light and airy notes to the spirit. El Cortijo is a “mezcal artesanal”, which is an official mezcal category. There are other categories within the mezcal denomination, like “Mezcal Ancestral”. “Artesanal” ensures that traditional methods have been used when the agave was processed.

One might wonder, why traditional methods are so important, but there are sounds reasons. A major reason is that keeping old knowledge and crafts alive is important in any society, because it makes sure that people can know their roots. When it comes to the quality of mezcal, it is important to understand that making mezcal is about generosity.

The juice in the meaty parts of the agave is of another kind, than the juice in the fibres. So extracting – all – the juice from both fibres and meaty parts alike, will give you a bitter juice, but limiting yourself to the easily extracted juice from the meaty parts, will give you less juice, but of a higher quality. Industrial processing uses all the juice.

When you taste the El Cortijo Mezcal Artesanal Mexicano, you will not be in doubt. This is an artisanal product!

Additional information

TU code




Resting Period

6 Months in Bottle

Distillery Name

Fabrica de Mezcal El Cortijo


Double Distilled


Bottle Size


Barrel Type

Not Rested

Agave Region

Oaxaca – Santiago Matatlan

Agave type


Age Category


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