El Cortijo Mezcal

El Cortijo Mezcal

Old and wellrenowned mezcal brand out of Oaxaca

Mezcal El Cortijo is a well established brand.

Brand background

Very few mezcal brands are able to track their family and company back to 1750, but El Cortijo can. The Mendez family moved to Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca and started making mezcal in 1795. The brand name El Cortijo stems back to 1953 and is said to be the oldest mezcal brand in Oaxaca.

The family owned company has been enormously adept at working through the ups and downs which are natural to Mexicos often colourful economy. When the big crisis “Error de Diciembre 1994” happened, El Cortijo scaled down and worked even harder and eventually pulled through. In later years they have introduced new products like the Reposado con Gusano and notably a new series of artisanal mezcals with decorations made by local artists.

Product profile

The products from Mezcal El Cortijo are characterized by their high quality and innovative and local designs. Whilel they go for bottles designs which are not too fancy, the mezcal stands out as one of the best and oldest brands from Oaxaca.