Scorpion Mezcal Artesanal Silver

Masculine, yet soft and smoky mezcal. And with a scorpion!

Scorpion Mezcal is made on Agave Espadin and is somehow, not what you would expect from the masculine bottle design and the small, dangerous look scorpion shell in the bottom. It is a refined an mellow joven mezcal which will work perfectly as a sipper while inviting to lots of tall tales.

Tasting Notes

The flavor is sweet with strong anise and some licorice, which is not overpowering but balanced with mild hot pepper The creamy mouth feel is really good and bears some heat.

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It is often said about Scorpion Mezcal, that the small scorpion shell is an un-necessary addition, as the spirit is good on its own.

The implied meaning is that the scorpion is a marketing gimmick, and that is true, but only to a certain limit. The scorpion is an integrated part of brands overall image, and when you drink it, that scorpion certainly adds to the experience. There is another aspect however. Douglas French, who makes this mezcal, has made the collection of the scorpions into an economic factor in the region, because local children are paid for finding and delivering the scorpions.

Scorpion Mezcal Silver is a fine and delicious treat, which is easy and enjoyable in all occasions.

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Double Distilled

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Oaxaca – San Dionisio Ocotepec

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