Casa Na’am Pox Artesanal

Casa Na’am Pox Artesanal – Mexican innovation at its finest

Pox is a spirit made of corn, sugar cane and wheat. Being a traditional, mayan spirit, this product which can be traced straight back to ancient times, has found a new audience amongst expert spirits lovers.

Mexico is a gigantic country with a ubelievably rich past. Over the centuries many native cultures have risen and disappeared leaving pyramids and gigantic sculptures behind. Mexico has 50 official languages which are all spoken in this day and time, giving clues to the cultural complexity of the country.

And the young people of Mexico dives deep in the ocean of cultural heritage and finds old and fantastic products. Casa Na’am makes this wonderful pox based on recipes, which were meant for rituals invoking the jaguar god of old times and it looks smart and modern!

Tasting Notes

Casa Na’am has great sweetness and full and fruity taste. It can be a bit decieving, because it does not taste or feel like a strong spirit, but the alcohol percentage of 40 % does not lie. This is good stuff!


Hailing from the highlands of Chiapas around San Cristóbal de las Casas, and the municipality of San Juan Chamula, where the Tzotzil Mayans reside pox has been here all the time, but interest is growing in it.

There is not one single recipe for making this spirit. Distillation involves fermenting a blend of organic corn, wheat and sugar cane for seven to 10 days, then putting it through a copper still. Traditions and myths are swirling like ancient mists around this old spirit, which is supposed to be made according to lunar phases.

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