Ono Sotol Artesenal Joven – 70cl

Wild harvested plants for an untamed spirit

Sotol Onó is produced by Maestro Sotolero Gerardo Ruelas. Gerardo Ruelas produces a wide range of sotols under various brands and marks.
Sotol Onó is made with Dasylirion Cedrosanum, which takes 12 to 15 years to reach mature in the open, hot desert landscape. The sotol plants are pulled out of the ground with axes, and the spiny leaves are cut from the piñas. The piñas of the sotol plant are typically smaller and with less juice than those of for instance Blue Agave and Espadin.
Once in the Vinata, Maestro Gerardo Ruelas roasts the piñas for about 3 days, then grinds them by hand using axes and knives. The plants ferment for 5 -7 days, depending on the weather, before being distilled.

Tasting Notes

Sotol is famous for its flavour which can seem at odd with is fragrant, grassy taste. This Sotol Onó Artesanal Joven is a classic sotol. It has a finetuned, mellow and rich taste. Aromas of fresh mint and menthol, Intense fragrance, notes of carrots, desert. The taste is sweet with some additional light grassy notes.


Sotol Onón is a wild and seductive spirit with a great sweetness. This is an un-aged spirit which is still fresh and unpolished. With a percentage of 45% it has a good kick. The high alcohol percentage certainly boosts the gentle, grassy taste. If you are used to tequila and mezcal, this sotol is good for keeping your curiosity intact regarding mexican spirits, because Sotol Onó is an original and really interesting product with a long history and tradion.

Additional information


Distillery Name

Flor del Desierto SA de CV



Agave Region

Chihuahua – Aldama

Agave type

Dasiliryon Cedrosanum


Double Distilled

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