Aguamiel Bacanora Blanco 100% Agave

Quick on the feet and seductive in taste

With the lithe and quick Greater Roaodrunner on the labet, Aguamiel Bacanora is leading the pack. Outside de the homestate Sonara, Mexico, bacanora is a rather unknown variety of agave spirits. Made from a special agave plant, indigenous to the region known as Angustifolia Haw, or agave Pacifica, this spirit is softer than mezcal and has more smoke than tequila.

Tasting Notes

Aguamiel Bacanora comes with a fine and mellow palate. With a strength of 41% it is equal to most tequilas in strength, but it will yeald the same satisfaction you gain from a good mezcal. Meaning, that it is a spirit with a distinct personality which is easy to remember.


Aguamiel is an agave spirit which has great appeal to both men and women. It is elegant and seductive, slightly dry and with a clear and memorable tasting profile.
The nose has anis, citrus and mezquite and some fine earthy/grassy notes.

The taste is sligthly smoky and with a full and satisfyingly complex baked agave taste. There is sweetness and fruit, but these aspects blends finely into the overall picture of a fresh and light agave spirit. Very much a sipping pleasure!

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Agave Pacifica, Angustifolia Haw

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