Flor del Desierto Sotol – Sierra

Elderly elegantier with an edge

A sotol like this “Flor del Desierto Sotol Sierra” began its life – maybe – even before you were born. The Daisylirion plant which is used for sotol, takes 18-22 years to mature. It is wild harvested in the Chihuahuan deserts. Chihuahua is one of Mexican states, and a pretty big one at that. Chihuahua has about the size of Portugal. Which makes it reasonable that Flor del Desierto has several regional varieties of their excellent sotol.

Tasting Notes

The nose is butter lettuce. Entirely green and vegetal notes. Palate comes with darker meaty greens something like delicious cooked asparagus, and white peppers. Finishing off with bright green agave-like peppers, clove, and a touch of cilantro. At 47% this sotol is pretty strong and the the strength is certainly a bonus as it supports the good oily and aromatic fumes of the spirit.

Aftertaste is long but subtle The buttery green and fragrant notes are what will keep you sipping this wonderful sotol.


Flor del Desierto Sotol Sierra is made by maestro Sotolero: Don José “Chito” Fernández. It is made at an altitude of 6890 Ft and roasted in a shallow pit oven using Willow & Oak firewood.

The fermentation of these spirits is something entirely special. It is fermented underground in pine wood basins submerged in water and stored undeground. The amount of work going into a single bottle of sotol is absolutely amazing. On average they bottle only 400 bottles in each batch.

The complex nature of Flor del Desiertos Sierra variety makes it perfect for slow enjoyment as a sipper or perhaps paired with some good food.

Additional information


Distillery Name

Flor del Desierto SA de CV



Agave Region

Chihuahua – Aldama

Agave type

Dasiliryon Cedrosanum


Double Distilled

Age Category


Bottle Size


Alc Volume


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