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Casa Na'am

Casa Na’am Artesanal, an innovative, modern and tasty pox

Alicantes is am small company with very few products, but all of the products have been handmade, are organic and of the highest quality. Alicantes have their distillery in Amatitán in beautiful Jalisco.

Brand background


The brand is named after a mythical snake, the Alicante, which was said to drink the milk of mammals and stock. The Alicante was mainly a benevolent snake and is often thought of as another name for the Corn Snake, which is a small constrictor snake living in corn fields. It is thought to be beneficial in the fields, because it eats rats.
Serpents (the nahuatl name is “Coatl”) have a lot of room in mesoamerican mythology. Sometimes as “the feathered serpent, Quetzalcoatl” and sometimes as vehicles for the sun and the stars.