Ánimas Mezcal Artesenal Joven 100% Espadín Agave 44%

Conjuring the spirit of the Agave

Mezcal Ànimas Espadin Joven is pure Oaxacan essence. Mezcal based on the Espadin Agave is by far the most common type of mezcal. But that does not mean that they are all alike! This mezcal is distilled in Santiago Matatlan which is in the southeastern part of Oaxaca. It is the heartland of mezcal and an area with a rich and colourful cultural history. This is, after all, the area where the old Zapotec culture used to reign.

Tasting Notes

Intensely rich, sweet and complex flavours wrapped in aromas of sweet cooked agave. These batches of Ánimas Espadin are produced by mezcaleros Luis and Humberto Juan using traditional, artisanal methods. The term “Artisanal methods” does in fact cover something which is becoming increasingly unusual: a product made made by huge amounts of manual labor from one end to the other.

The agaves are planted by hand, harvested by hand, cooked by hand using hand filled and controlled earth ovens, milled using oldfashioned tahona and hand fermented and distilled. That is why this truly is an artisanal product – it is a product handmade with generations of experience.


The “shaman like” figure on the label of the bottles of mezcal Ànimas has a story of its own. It is a poetic interpretation of the role of the mezcalero who draws out the spirit of the maguey. Wielding his magic, the mezcalero can liberate the essence of the agave and make it take physical shape as wonderful mezcal. If one looks a bit closer, one will see that the strange, demon like figure holds a rabbit in each arm.

The rabbits have a meaning as symbols for fertility in precolumbian culture. It is often associated with the aztec.

Additional information

TU code


Resting Period

Not Rested



Distillery Name

Eber Carlos Villalobos Gónzalez


Double Distilled


Bottle Size


Barrel Type

Not Rested

Alc Volume


Age Category


Agave type


Agave Region

Oaxaca – Santiago Matatlan

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