Animas Mezcal

Ánimas Mezcal Artesenal

Mezcal spirit brought into life

Mezcal ÁNIMAS Mezcal is distilled in Santiago Matatlan, the “World Capitol of Mezcal” by master distillers Luis and Humberto Juan.

The “shaman like” figure on the label of the bottles of mezcal Ànimas has a story of its own. It is a poetic interpretation of the role of the mezcalero, who draws out the spirit of the maguey. Wielding his magic, the mezcalero can liberate the essence of the agave and make it take physical shape as wonderful mezcal. If one looks a bit closer, one will see that the strange, demon like figure holds a rabbit in each arm. The rabbits have a meaning as symbols for fertility in precolumbian culture. It is often associated with the aztec.

Brand background

Mezcal Ànimas comes from Santiago Matatlan, the “World Capital of Mezcal” and Mixtec Zone.

ÁNIMAS creates two special varieties of Mezcal:

  • Mezcal Animas Espadin Joven
  • Mezcal Animas Espadin Papalometl Joven

Ànimas has some mezcales of the Mixtec Zone with presence in the international market. Some mezcal proproducing ompanies use Cupreata Agave which comes from Guerrero and Michoacan States. The Cupreata Agave which is used in Ànimas is authentic and grown in Oaxaca, México.

Overall tasting profile

This is a very authentic mezcal with a very rich and full flavor profile. Sweet, smoky and almost oily viscosity and an aroma with butter, menthol and butterscotch.

A complex and intriguing mezcal that requires sipping and deliberation. Great with dessert.