Sotol One

Sotol Ono

Sotol Onó – an apparition in the mists of time!

The word ‘Sotol’ derives from the Náhuatl language, it means “the sweet of the head”, it was used by different native tribes like the Anasazi, Tarahumara, Toboso and Apache since the year 205 D.C.

The Rarámuri (or Tarahumara) are an extremely proud tribe of natives who have resisted being incorporated in spanish lifestyle and language since the 1500’s

Brand background

The Raramuri people call the Sotol plant by the name Sereque. For 800 years, the Tarahuymara have produced Sotol for their spiritual ceremonies, led by their revered Shamon (Onó).
The soulfulness of Sotol, makes the first sips a pleasure to the palate. Onó means Father in the Tarahumara language. The Sotol Onó is named and branded as a tribute to these proud and independent people.

Sotol Oné is relatively new brand, but with beautiful graphics, packaging and super high quality products, they are aiming for the stars.

Tasting profile

Sotol tends to be bright and grassy. It is, after all, made from plants growing in intensely warm and dry climate. Depending on how and where it’s made, some bottlings can have musky, earthy or vegetal characteristics.

Sotol’s funky aroma are sometimes likened to a sweaty sock, but the aroma can have a broad spectrum of charactaristics.