Scorpion Mezcal Artesanal Anejo

Mellow, rich and luxurious mezcal for easy sipping

Scorpion Mezcal Anejo has a deep amber colour and and an equally deep and luscious taste. The small scorpion shell in the bottom of each bottle almost looks like its a fossil embedded in amber.
This is a soft, smoky and very invitinge mezcal. Most mezcals are not aged, but Caballero makes this aged mezcal the aging is certainly what makes this product into something else. A true Oaxacan product which is perfect for sipping and enjoying after a tough day in the real world.

Tasting Notes

The nose is smoky with rich notes of honey and baked agave. There is a bit of anis and licorice and the palate is very smooth. The tasting profile is sweet, but not sugary sweet like rum, but rather a deep and embedded sweetness which blends perfectly with the smoke and agave. The finish is not too long and ends with a fine agave.


Astonishing mezcal which is perfect for a late nightcap

The golden hues of this perfectly aged mezcal looks magnificent in a snifter. Mezcal is aged in same intervals as are tequilas. Meaning that this mezcal has been aged somewhere between a year and three years on barrels of oak. It is difficult to know what happens when you pour unaged mezcal on a barrel and start the aging process. But one thing is certain – if the unaged product is no good, it will reflect on the aged version.

The Scorpion Mezcal Anejo is a tremendous mezcal. And that small scorpion is certain to prompt some good stories

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Double Distilled

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Oaxaca – San Dionisio Ocotepec

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