Memorable Mezcal Artesenal Joven 100% Tepeztate Agave – Box with 6

Tepeztate for the discriminating & sophisticated mezcal drinker

The Tepeztate agave is rare in the wild and when found, it is often difficult to harvest. It typically grows on hard to reach moutain sides and likes rocky ground. While the plant looks to almost threatening with its broad and fat leaves and imposing height, it produces a light and ephemeral spirit.
Memorable Tepeztate mezcal is made by Felipe Hernandez at his palenque in Las Salinas Coatecas. The mezcalero carefully handpicks the best agaves for the mezcal. It is an art making an earth oven ready for use. The wood used for the fire gives off different flavors. The amount of fire is crucial. Too much and it will char the agaves and too little will make the agaves undercooked. Felipe Hernandez is a very experienced mezcalero and the Memorable Tepeztate mezcal has the exact right amount of sweetness to make room for all the other complex flavor notes.

Tasting Notes

With aromas of fresh garden peppers, spearmint, and a bit of tobacco, the Memorable Tepeztate mezcal can charm everyone. The palate is light with notes of wood ash, green peppers, charred brisket, and lemon zest.


It is certainly possible to get stronger mezcals than the Memorable Tepeztate mezcal, but it is difficult to find a more sophisticated mezcal. This mezcal has an overwhelming, almost seductive quality to it, which will convince even the most hardheaded mezcal sceptic.

I has a bright acidity and flavors of peppers, spearmint and light caramel and a satiny texture that leaves the palate slightly tingling.

Additional information

TU code


Resting Period

Not Rested



Distillery Name

Mezcales con Alma de Oaxaca SPR de RI


Double Distilled


Bottle Size


Barrel Type

Not Rested

Alc Volume


Age Category


Agave type

Wild Tepextate

Agave Region

To update

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