Memorable Mezcal

Memorable Mezcal Artesanal

Mezcal for agave connoisseurs

Memorable Mezcal creates their mezcal buying the raw agaves from the best producers in and around Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. Focusing on wild harvested agave growing in the region they only pick the very best. This traditional and very artisanal approach makes their releases vary greatly per batch, as different batches of the same agave may be from different producers located in the same general region. Agave terroir is a very real thing, which i probably to be expected from plants having a lifespan up to some twenty years.

Brand background

Operating out of Miahuatlan, Oaxaca have for the last twenty-something years focused on bringing to market only the very best of mezcal. It is legal with the denomination of mezcal, to make mezcal from a number different agave varieties and Memorable Mezcal have at least 6 100% agave products on the market from these agave varieties:

  • Espadin Agave
  • Arroqueño
  • Bicuishe
  • Madrecuishe
  • Tepeztate
  • Tobasiche

Some of these species, like for instance the Arroqueno takes upwards of 20 years to mature. Harvesting such plants in the wild is difficult and hard work. But the prize is a product like no other.

Rather than using copper pot stills Memorable is using a Refrescador. Refrescador distilling is a technique that is common to the area surrounding Miahuatlan, Oaxaca. The still looks similar to a copper alembique still except there is a stainless steel cylinder surrounding it. The cylinder is filled with water, allowing it to cool the upper part of the still, which works as a condenser that sends the alcohol vapor back down into the boiler before being heated again and leaving the still into the condensing coil.