Memorable Mezcal Artesenal Joven 100% Bicuishe Agave – Box with 6

Ethereal, refined and rare artisanal mezcal

You won’t find a lot of 100% agave Bicuishe mezcals out there. Taking about 15 years to mature and pretty rarely found in the wild, this subspecies of the Karwinskii-agave is small and difficult to handle. What makes it difficult is drawing out the unique flavor qualities, which hide beneath its humble appearance.
Jose Diaz Bustamante, the mezcalero of Memorable is a master at making the Bicuishe agave reveal its rare, chocolaty flavors.

Tasting Notes

The aromas belies the taste in this excellent and fragile mezcal. The nose is mild with notes of salt, minerals and paper. But when you put your mouth to it, you will enjoy the full experience of dark chocolate, chocolate covered cherries, sea salt, and caramel. Holding 47,8% it is strong, but not as strong as many other mezcals. The percentage is suitable for boosting the rare taste without making it “too much”


The Memorable mezcals are made using traditional earth oven for cooking the agave but prefer using a refrescador for distilling. The refrescador is a technique that is common to the area surrounding Miahuatlan, Oaxaca, and it has also been adopted by some producers from other regions as well.

The still looks similar to a copper alembique still except there is a stainless steel cylinder surrounding it. The cylinder is filled with water, allowing it to cool the upper part of the still, which works as a condenser that sends the alcohol vapor back down into the boiler before being heated again and leaving the still into the condensing coil. This method of distilling essentially allows for two distillations during a single pass through the still. The stilling methods are part of flavor profile of a mezcal, but all the major notes derive from the agave, the cooking and the milling. Memorables use of an earth oven brings in the sweet and mellow smoky feeling to the spirit.

Additional information

TU code


Resting Period

Not Rested




Double Distilled


Bottle Size


Barrel Type

Not Rested

Alc Volume


Age Category


Agave type


Agave Region

Oaxaca – Coatecas Altas

Number of bottles in box


Distillery Name

Destiladora Miahuatlán SPR de RL

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