La Medida Mezcal Espadin

Classic, earthy mezcal by Maestro Francsico Hernández

Espadin is a common agave in mezcal, because it has a relatively short lifespan reaching maturity within 7-9 years. Espadin is also an agave with a lot of juice and it is easy to grow.
La Medida Espadin is produced by Mezcalero Francisco Hernandez who is one of a three generations family in San Baltazar Guelavila, Oaxaca.

The agaves have been baked in an earth oven, and crushed using a traditional tahona. Fermentation takes place in organic wooden barrels.

Tasting Notes

La Medida Espadin has a nice smoky aroma with notes of melon, fresh mint herbs and eucalyptus. Behind and deeply embedded in these almost sweet aromatic notes, we find minerals, wet earth and beet.

The flavor holds a strong initial taste of citrus, lime and strawberry. The initial taste is not very smoky, but when the full taste sets in we can detect notes of herbs, rosemary, thyme and smoky wood.


La Medida Espadin has a full and rich, smoky aroma. It’s a classic mezcal based on Agave Espadin which gives you a splendid and inviting sweet and spicy flavour with notes of cooked agave, grass, fruits and spices.

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Double Distilled

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Not Rested



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Not Rested

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Oaxaca – Tlacolula de Matamoros