La Medida Mezcal

La Medida Mezcal Artesanal

High quality, artisanal mezcal with 450 years of tradition

“A la medida” means custom made and this mezcal is truely custom made. The agaves are grown and harvested south of Oaxaca in the districts of Tlacolula de Matamoros, Miahuatlán and Tlacolula.

Oaxaca is a big state and the terrain has enormous variation. Some parts are jungle and some parts mountains.

Brand background

Oaxaca mapSo what’s behind the name, “La Medida”? “La Medida” is the name, that the producer gives to 5L of mezcal. Time ago, when the “Maestros mezcaleros” produced their mezcal in their own fabric (Palenque), they went down to Oaxaca City and sold 5L of Mezcal in one jar, one “Medida” of mezcal.

At this moment, the producers use this metric, when they get mezcal from one producer to another. 5 medidas (25 liters), 10 medidas (50 liters). La Medida wanted to promote this tradition and in Mexico they have 4L jars, 750 ml and 250 mL presentations (for Europe 4L, 700 mL, 200 mL + 2 x 50 mL).

La Medida mezcals are made by indigenous-farmer hands, in palisades or “palenques”, with 450 years of tradition and culture, always seeking fair trade with priority given to the creators of this distilled spirit.

La Medida mezcals are Palisade or “Palenque” Artisanal (Vinata), produced with different types of wild or cultivated magueys in an extraordinary microclimate, which offers a unique scent, aroma and flavor.

The mezcals maintain their balance and complexity according to the height at which they are produced, the type of land, the water used and, most importantly, the care provided by the distiller or “palenquero” from the remote mountains, plains or valleys in the state of Oaxaca, Mexico.

The agave used is harvested after 7 to 10 years maturation or more. The pinecones are cooked on hot stones, in an earth hole, covered with agave fibers, banana leaves or bedrolls (“petates”) and then covered up with soil for 3 or more days.

To obtain the final product, it is distilled twice, in a copper pot bare fire still, tending to its temperature and looking after the flow of liquid at the end of the coil. The productions of La Medida mezcals are unique and identified by batches
The artisanal work that masters Celso, Valentín and Pánfilo imprint in their masterpieces, that is, their mezcals, makes our distilled spirit unique, full of harmony, patience and passion that can be perceived in every drop that touches your lips.

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