Cosecha Imperial Sotol Artesenal Joven

Untamed, naughty and endearing spirit from Chihuahua

Cosechas “Imperial Sotol Artesenal Joven” describes itself as an “Elixir”, which is a fitting description for this neat sotol made from Dasiliryon Cedrosanum. The agaves which are of the “Wheeleri variety” are wild harvested in the Chihuahua desert. The “Dasiliryon Cedrosanum” (or, more commonly named, the Desert Spoon) is one of natures wonders. It takes 12-15 years to mature, and the plants are big. About two meters high, with the main body half buried in the ground.
Sotol has – just like tequila and mezcal – a declaration of denomination. Meaning that this spirit can only be produced within a certain geographically defined area. In this case Durango, Chihuahua, and Coahuila. The Desert Spoon doesn’t much care about national borders and grows in Northern Mexico, as well as Arizona, New Mexico, West Texas, and what is known as the Texas Hill Country, and all the way south to Oaxaca. Sotol is an old spirit which can be traced back to precolumbian time, but it is only in the last 10-15 years that it has recieved attention as a spirit for the conoiesseurs and one to be the center of investments.

Tasting Notes

With a great silken texture and long pronounced legs, this spirit flows into the heart of the consumers.
The aromas are distinctly herbals mixed with toasted, earth and spices, fruity aroma of tamarind and sweet odors of chocolate. When you are slowly sipping, you will also notice a remarkable aroma of roasted coffee.

The palate is soft and smooth with rich minerals hints, balanced with warm hints of minerals and spices. The finish comes with a warm mouth feel and subtle notes of mint and as they fade.


It takes lots – lots – of hard work to make artisanal sotol!

Artisanal sotol like the Cosecha Imperial Sotol Artesenal Joven, is about work. Huge amount of really hard, backbreaking work. The agaves are wild harvested. This means that the produces can not just wander out into the plantation and pick the plants, but has to drive in the desert to find the plants. The actual harvesting is manual and done with axes and coas. And these plants can weigh more than 100 kilos. When harvested, they are driven to the distillery to be chopped up using axes. Then comes the cooking proces in conic stone ovens which are filled and operated manually. The entire process is elaborated and work demanding, but also results in a wonderful spirit like no other – complex, demanding and truly endearing.

Additional information


Agave Region

Chihuahua – Aldama

Agave type

Dasiliryon Cedrosanum


Double Distilled

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