Aguamiel Bacnora

Aguamiel Bacanora

Aguamiel Bacanora – running fast, far & into the heart of the consumers

Agaumiel has put the a nice and elegant drawing of the “Greater Roadrunner” on the label of its fine bacanora. The “Greater Roadrunner” is the model for the bird from the old cartoons with the roadrunner and the coyote. It is, however ALSO a well known bird in the mexican state of Sonora where the Aguamiel Bacanora comes from.

Bacanora has a certain dangerous vibe to it, because it was ilegal to make for almost 100 years. In the early 1900s the Sonoran government grew concerned that bacanora consumption was hedonistic, and the spirit incited lack of morals. General Plutarco Elias Calles was appointed governor of Sonora at the time and on August 8, 1915, he enacted a decree making the production, sale and possession of Bacanora a crime punishable by a five-year term. Time, rather than sotol, softened the mexican approach to morals and sotol production and in 1992 Sonoran government lifted the ban. And rightly so, for sotol is a great spirit and the equal of mezcal and tequila.

Brand background

In Sonora and specifically in the 35 municipalities that are within the designation of origin of the bacanora, more than an economic activity, the elaboration of the bacanora is a tradition that is passed from generation to generation. In Suaqui Grande, Sonora, where the family Quintana, father and son lives, the knowledge and traditions concerning bacanora is passed down from one generation to another. The art of making bacanora is an ancient art with roots back to precolumbian times.
Aguamiel Bacanora is made 100% from Agave Angustifolia. The brand was created on May 27, 2016, in the hottest day registered in the state of Sonora and the distillery has a production capacity of 40,000 liters per year.

Overall tasting profile

As one would expect from a spirit made in the desert, the overall tasting profile of bacanora is dry, complex, and with some notes of anis, often with a slightly earthy finish.