Tequila El Amo Premium Anejo Cristalino 75 cl

Exquisite and unsual cristalino tequila

Cristalino tequilas are a new invention. They are anejo or extra anejo tequilas, which are filtered. The filtering process draws away the pigmentation from the barrel, leaving a translucent, white tequila. Basically one might say, that cristalinos are aged tequilas which taste like aged tequila, but look like unaged, blanco tequilas.
There is a bit more to the process, ofcourse, because the cristalino process also enhances the sweetness of the spirit making it sweeter and more liqueur like. The El Amo Premium Anejo Cristalino is a perfect sipper, which will appeal to the female audience as a spirit for drinking neat. It also works splendidly in margaritas actually, adding a soft sweetness to the drink.

Tasting Notes

The El Amo Premium Anejo Cristalino is rich in sweetness, honey and coconut with a full and oily feel, and the bottle is really beautiful.


The El Amo Premium Anejo Cristalino looks awesome with its chrystal clear tequila, which floats with an almost oily quality in the heavy bottle. This cristalino has been made by filtering all the barrel induced pigments away from an anejo tequila, leaving a blanco like tequila which tastes like an anejo.

It will add an extraordinary depth of sweetness to your cocktails and look stunning in your bar.

Additional information

TU code


Resting Period

16-18 Months



Distillery Name

Hacienda la Capilla


Double Distilled


Bottle Size


Barrel Type

American White Oak – Charred

Alc Volume


Age Category


Agave type

Tequilana Blue Weber

Agave Region

Jalisco Highlands – Capilla de Guadalupe

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