Tequila El Amo Premium Anejo 75cl

Fullbodied & amber coloured anejo for sippers

The deep golden colour of this anejo sipper is somewhat misleading. One might think this double distilled product might have added caramel, but it owes the golden hues entirely to the used oak barrels which the distillery uses for aging. Having aged for more than a year, the El Amo Premium tequila surely looks premium!

Tasting Notes

Having aged for about two to three years on oak barrels, this tequila has picked up a lot of coloring and flavours from the barrel. We find soft nutty notes, caramel, honey and even a bit of pepper.
The aroma is rich with sweetness and notes of baked agave, honey and perhaps even some chocolate.


“Compañia Tequilera Hacienda la Capilla” who makes this tequila is an old and well renowned distillery with a long history of making good products. El Amo Tequila Anejo is no exception. The beautiful bottle with its rope decoration and small metal charm around the bottle neck, is a luxury and premium product.

There are several types of anejo tequila. Some prefer them to be very sweet, some like them a bit smokey and comparable to whiskies. The El Amo Tequila Anejo belongs to a third type. It has some sweetness, but it is not caramel sweet. It has the natural sweetness which comes from the agave and the honey and oakey notes of the barrel.

Additional information

TU code


Resting Period

16-18 Months



Distillery Name

Hacienda la Capilla


Double Distilled


Bottle Size


Barrel Type

American White Oak – Charred

Alc Volume


Age Category


Agave type

Tequilana Blue Weber

Agave Region

Jalisco Highlands – Capilla de Guadalupe

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