Sierra Norte Mexican Whisky Ancestral Yellow Corn

Mellow and smooth whiskey to enjoy in the armchair with a good book

Made from “Heirloom Corn” this whiskey has been made to soothe the nerves, when you have read the news from the stock market and taken a look at the worlds selection of presidents.

Oaxaca is the origin/birthplace of corn in the world. It has been growing in this region naturally for over 7,000 years. This ancestral corn is called Maiz Criollo in Oaxaca and it this variety which Sierra Norte has refined in order to grow their own yellow variety for whiskymaking.

Tasting Notes

The Maiz Criollo has some excellent properties for whiskymaking. The tasting profile is rich, sweet and with a bit of red chili spice bite. Note of grilled pineapple are blending in and ads to the relaxed and laidback nature of this spirit. The aromas come with toasted corn and a hint of caramel


All the whiskies are distilled using hand pound copper stills which are traditionally used for the Mezcal industry. They are all pot stills and aged in french oak barrels. It is single barrel bottling for maximum appreciation of all the wonderful and magical nuances that happen in the different barrels.

What is so interesting about Sierra Norte as a brand is their dedication to the local community. The growers are single village small family farmers. They are subsistence level farmers. They are preserving the tradition and the culture of the criollo corn in Oaxaca that has been passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years.

This is sustainable agriculture and it makes a big difference on the local level. AND it makes a good whisky, which one can sip knowing that much care and work has been invested in this particular whiskey.

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100% Yellow Corn

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Double Distilled

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