Sierra Norte Mexican Whisky Ancestral Black Corn

Sierra Norte Whiskey is ready for the “coffeee avec”

Sierra Norte Whiskies are made from ancestrat varieties of corn in Oaxaca. Modern corn as we know it with big yellow cubs, are not quite natural. They are varieties refined over many generations and improved by GMO. They will never survive on their own in nature. The ancestors of corn come from Oaxaca, and it is these, small, many coloured varieties which Sierra Norte have given a new life. Refining them, they have managed to grow four varieties with each their distinctive colour. This “Sierra Norte Mexican Whisky Ancestral Black Corn” is, the name suggests, made on black corn, and the properties of this variety are different from the others. Aged on Bordeaux and Bourgogne red wine barrels and sourcing the barley from Mexican beer suppliers this whiskey is truely Oaxacan.

Tasting Notes

The nose is a penetrating maraschino cherry with notes of banana peel.
The palate holds some of the good qualities you can find i an cherry wine… deep sweetness with notes of almonds.

The finish is soft, warm and mellow.


Whiskey is a luxury spirit which invites a certain contemplation. The Sierra Norte whiskies are slightly different.

Perhaps due to their mexican origins, they are open and welcoming and ready for easy consumption. The black variety of “Sierra Norte Mexican Whisky Ancestral Black Corn” is a perfect dessert sipper, which will ad a bit of fun. The sligthly smoky notes combined with the cherry profiles is a delicious addition to a bit of fruit or cake.

Additional information

Corn type

100% Black Corn

Bottle Size



Double Distilled

Alc Volume


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