Sal de Gusano con Chile

A Mezcal copita is rarely served without sal de gusano sprinkled on fresh orange slices.

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Some people say there is something poetic about eating the guzano that lives in the agave plant as you drink the spirit made from that plant. It’s beautiful.
The Aztecs found these would-be pests to be delicious; they were said to hold curative properties, promoting strength and virility. When the Spanish arrived, eating insects all but disappeared. Today however, Mexican gastronomy is resurrecting the consumption of guzanos and bartenders use the TU Bar Essentials Sal de Guzano to garnish oranges slices that accompany a mezcal copita.

Guaranteed artisanal quality and taste through a careful selection and cleaning of the gusanos, cooked with the chile, blended with sea salt, and then ground by hand in carved stone.

Add this all-natural seasoning to…

  • garnish your agave cocktail
  • create the cerveza michelada
  • add ­fair to your Mexican food
  • complement fresh fruit or vegetables

Sal de Mar, Gusano de Maguey*, Chile de Árbol**
Sea Salt, Agave Gusano*, Chile de Árbol**
* Hypopta agavis | ** Capsicum annuum

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