Sal de Chapulin con Chile – Oaxacan chile salt with roasted & pulverized grasshoppers

Chapulines (grasshoppers) tend to be relatively inexpensive, and thus accessible to the average Mexican. They are boiled, then toasted or fried and sold by street vendors as a snack, made into quesadillas (especially in Oaxaca), eaten in tacos, and sprinkled on guacamole and other dishes as a garnish. You’ll sometimes find chapulines served in cantinas as a botana or bar snack.

The TU Bar Essentials Sal de Chapulin brings this great delicacy to the EU in a mix that compliments many mezcal cocktails as well as other dishes.

Guaranteed artisanal quality and taste through a careful selection and cleaning of the chapulins (or grasshoppers), cooked with the chile, blended with sea salt, and then ground by hand in carved stone.
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Tasting Notes

The Tequila Unlimited Sal de Chapulin is soft and mild but with dry, chocolaty flavour. The chapulin (the name “chapulin” is an indian name for grasshopper or cricket) add depth in flavour to salt and chile mix.

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Insects, like grasshoppers, are part of cuisines all over the world. In Mexico grasshoppers are part of multiple native cuisines. This product comes from Oaxaca where it is a common ingredient in many dishes.
Mezcal, which is a spirit we very much associate with Oaxaca, is often enjoyed with a bit of Sal de Chapulin. Slice a fresh and sweet orange. Dip the freshly cut slices in Sal de Chapulin and suck them while drinking mezcal in between. The Sal de Chapulin adds a really great synergy to the mezcal.

  • garnish your agave cocktail
  • create the cerveza michelada
  • add ­fair to your Mexican food
  • complement fresh fruit or vegetables


  • Sal de Mar (Sea Salt)
  • Gusano de Maguey (Hypopta agavis)
  • Chile de Árbol (Capsicum annuum)

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