TU Tequila Blanco 70cl

TU Tequila Blanco – full bodied and rich blanco perfect for cocktails

TU Tequila Blanco is a double distilled blanco tequila. It is a product which has been especially developed and honed for being good in bars and restaurants. It comes in bottles with a square base, and a nice grip which makes them easy to handle in a busy environment.

Tasting Notes

TU Tequila Blanco has a nice “fat”, baked agave taste and a delightful aroma with notes of peppermint and a bit of citrus and vanilla.

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What do you look for, when you design and develop a good “bar tequila”? Basic distinctiveness and versatility. It has to be usable for margaritas, but also for other, more complex cocktails. And you want to be able to drink it neat.

TU Tequila Blanco is clean and brilliant with crystalline silver nuances. It has a great body, with a viscous character. Being on of our sweeter tequila’s, means that this is becoming a bartender’s favorite for all around cocktails.

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Agave Region

Jalisco Highland & Lowland Blend

Agave type

Tequilana Blue Weber


Double Distilled

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