La Serpiente Emplumada Extra Añejo

Golden and glittering in the deep green jungle…

Quetzalcoatl, the feathered serpent of the aztecs, flows majestically through space and time. His honey coloured eye winks at us, while we enjoy this golden spirit made in his name. La Serpiente Emplumada Extra Anejo has been aged for more than three years giving it a deep amber colour. The label is a beautiful gold giving the bottle a certain class which makes it stick out on the shelves.

Tasting Notes

La Serpiente Emplumada Extra Anejo comes with a good smoky note which is wrapped in honey, full baked agave, vanilla, a bit of coconut and almonds. It has a fine sweetness, but it not sweet like rhum. A great sipping tequila which will look really good in a brandy glass!


Making a good Extra Anejo is difficult. It is a category, where the products are usually expensive and expectations are high. Extra Anejos are almost exclusively used as sippers and that gives a high focus on smoothness, sweetness and depth of flavor/aroma.

That said, La Serpiente Emplumada Extra Anejo is a well made version of the extra anejo category. The colours is amber and deep. The viscosity is oily and the flavor profile is round and mellow with rich notes of butterscotch and vanilla.

Additional information


Distillery Name

Destiladora del Valle de Tequila



Agave Region

Jalisco Valley – Tequila

Agave type

Tequilana Blue Weber


Double Distilled

Age Category

Extra Añejo

Resting Period

38+ Months

Barrel Type

American White Oak – Whiskey

Bottle Size


Alc Volume


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