La Serpiente Emplumada Tequila Blanco

La Serpiente Emplumada Blanco – winging its way into your bar

La Serpiente Emplumada is a fine, traditional and no frills blanco tequila. It is double distilled (like most other tequilas) in copper pots, and the agave has been cooked in a traditional brick oven. Brick ovens ensure a slower cooking which in general is good, because it leaves more and better flavour in the agave.

Tasting Notes

La Serpiente Emplumada Blanco is a light and easygoing tequila. The flavor is full of spices, black pepper and cinnamon. The aftertaste will show with a hint of hazel nuts, walnuts and almonds.


Made at Destiladora del Valle de Tequila and coming out of Los Valles this feathered serpent is true simplicity. It has an almost mezcal like aroma of agave, mango jam with some smoky notes and citrus peel.

The initial nose holds some floral notes. Blanco tequilas can have a little bite, but La Serpiente Emplumada Blanco is smooth to the palate with spices, pepper and cinnamon.

Additional information


Distillery Name

Destiladora del Valle de Tequila



Agave Region

Jalisco Valley – Tequila

Agave type

Tequilana Blue Weber


Double Distilled

Age Category


Bottle Size


Alc Volume


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