el yope mezcal

El Yope Mezcal

“El Yope” – mezcal of the people and for the people!

El Yope features the dark profile of a man working in the agave fields, which is a fitting image for this high quality brand with roots, which run back for four generations of mezcaleros. It is a mezcal brand which survived by making the very best mezcals with skills honed over many, many years.

Brand background

The label on each bottle holds this small citation “ La fortaleza se encuentra en el espiritu y en el sabor de nuestra tierra!” which translates to something like: “Strength is found in the spirit and flavor of our land”. This is a statement which holds true for “Disyribuidora y Productora de Mezcal Don Porfirio” which is a true traditional mezcal-producing 100% Oaxacan family and 100% Mexicans.

They produce gourmet mezcal from selected agaves, the finest mezcal in Oaxaca, Mexico. Organically oriented with ancestral techniques of premium Quality. Thier tradition dates back four generations of mezcal production that was originally sold locally and consumed among family and friends. They originally started producing all agave used in their mezcal grew wild, but eventually demand increased as we began to sell in the markets of San Bartolomé Zogocho and Tlacolula de Matamoros.

High quality with traditonal roots.

Don Ismael Rosales who is the main mezcalero of Don Porfirio, creates no less than ten different varieties of traditional, artisanal mezcal. Jabali, Barril, Arroquenom Cuixe, Tepextate, Mexicano, Madrecuixe, Espadin and Tobala. While some of the agaves are quite common, some like the Maguey Jabali (agave Convallis) is extremely hard to work with.

It takes a real maestro to control the foams during fermentation and distillation. This agave has a distinctly complex attitude, and using it and drawing out its wild soul for mezcal is all what is good about the El Yope mezcals… knowledge, wisdom and a sense for nature.