El Mero Mero Mezcal

El Mero Mero

Contemporary, stylish mezcal with an edge

“The Mezcalero’s Mezcal” is the phrase El Mero Mero has been known to describe the the brand. El Mero Mero began production in 2011, so it seems to have proved that it can survive in turbulent and vibrant market of many, many good mezcals. The brand is overseen by mezcalero Justino Garcia Cruz who is behind all the fine varieties of mezcal they produce.
El Mero Mero is produced in the San Dionisio Ocotepec The bottle label, depicting a machete, is a small vignette drawn by Carlos Zerpa, one of the most important Latin American contemporary artists and it looks decidely smart and modern.

Frugal and traditional mezcals with a lot of taste

Mezcal El Mero Mero sticks very close to traditions and respect for the raw materials.

When one compares the price of spirits on a category basis like the price of a bottle of rum, compared to the price of a bottle of mezcal, one will see that it is possible to buy a good quality mezcal for the price of a good quality rum.

The price of the raw materials fo each category is another matter however. An espadin agave takes 6-8 years to mature. Sugarcane takes a year, which makes the raw material price for the rum enormously much cheaper. The price of the raw materials in agave spirits takes up a much larger portion of the final product price, which actually makes a good quality mezcal a much cheaper product than a good quality rum – simply because the profit margin is artificially low in order to make the spirits prices compare by category.

The agaves from El Mero Mero are carefully handpicked and they go for the most expensive and exclusive of the agave varieties – the tobalas and the tepextates which are rich in taste and aroma and difficult to grow.

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